May 4th 2019

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Sheraton North Houston

Houston, Texas


Mark Callahan

Mark Callahan is the creator and star of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, the web-based television show dedicated to taking the confusion out of setting up and main- taining a saltwater tank. Mark says there is a central theme in his life: Water. Water. Water. He currently maintains a 450-gallon tank and since starting his video show in 2010, Mark has created more than 375 Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episodes resulting in over 13,500,000 views worldwide. The show has attracted 59,000+ YouTube subscribers and 48,500 + fans on Facebook. He has authored and co-authored six ebooks, including The No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up A Saltwater Tank and a number of articles for international magazines such as Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Marine Habitat Magazine. Mark makes his home in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and spends time with his wife, two kids.


Mr. Saltwater Tank can be found @



Coral Placement for the Long Haul

Placing corals requires strategy and specific technique before and after the coral purchase. Relying on putting SPS up high and softies/LPS down low leaves your tank looking predictable and boring. My coral selection for the long haul talk shows you not only which corals to pick, but also where to put them in your tank to create a mixed reef tank worthy of any tank of the month award.






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