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September 19th, 2020


Crowne Plaza Hotel @ NRG

Houston, Texas


Andrew Jaroszewski - Coral Restoration Foundation


Andrew Jaroszewski grew up in West Hartford, CT and is a graduate of Roger Williams University with a degree in Marine Biology.  At an early age, Andrew fell in love with reef tanks while keeping a small wet lab in his house. Seeing this beauty in a tank led him on the path to becoming a Dive Master.


While pursuing his degree, Andrew researched corals in Bermuda, Little Cayman, and Panama. After graduating, he worked as an aquarist, service technician, and coral manager in various stores in Rhode Island and Florida. This led to his interest in the field of coral restoration.


Andrew currently works on the Restoration Team of the Coral Restoration Foundation™ as a Reef Restoration Associate.  In 2019, the organization will outplant 24,000 threatened staghorn and elkhorn corals to eight reefs throughout the Florida Keys. This is an unprecedented restoration effort and will conclude a three-year project to fully restore the eight reefs to levels that approach or exceed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) species recovery plan for Acropora corals.



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