April 21st 2018

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Sheraton North Houston

Houston, Texas



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Bill Wann

Bill Wann is known for his self-built 20,000 gallon full reef tank, which is the focal point of this living room. The tank is the largest privately owned tank of its kind in North America, and Wann designed it and all of its support systems (pipes, filters, sump pools). He literally built the house around the tank, making sure to include a very elaborate and nearly self-sufficient filtration system.

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John Ciotti

Johnny Ciotti is a Los Angeles based commercial advertising photographer and creative director. Not having only produced national ad campaigns, commercials and social media presence with iconic brands Butterfinger, Pepsi, Pampers, HotPockets, The Sharper Image, and Reebok, he has overseen the production and design direction of many of todays most popular aquarium equipment.

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Venue Location:

Sheraton North Houston

15700 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77032